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INR18650-25R High Power 2500mah Li-ion battery for power tools

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INR18650-25R High Power 2500mah Li-ion battery for power tools
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1. INR18650-25R High Power battery for power tools
2. Made in South Korea
3. 3.6V 2500mAh
4. 20A max. discharge.

INR18650 25R 20amps High Power 2500mah battery for power tools


NO. Item Specifications
1 Nominal Voltage 3.6V
2 Nominal Capacity 2500mAh
3 Nominal discharge capacity 2500mAh
Charge: 2.25A, 4.20V,CCCV 100mA cut-off,
Discharge: 0.2C, 2.5V discharge cut-off
4 Standard charge CCCV, 2.25A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V, 100mA cut-off
5 Rapid charge CCCV, 5A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V, 100mA cut-off
6 Charging time Standard charge : 180min / 100mA cut-off
Rapid charge: 50min (at 25°C) / 100mA cut-off
7 Max. continuous discharge
Temperature cut-off 70°C
20A(at 25°C), 60% at 250 cycle
8 Discharge cut-off voltage
End of discharge
( 2.5V discharge cut-off is better in cycle life )
9 Cell weight

45.0g max. 

10 Cell dimension

Height : 64.85± 0.15mm
Diameter : 18.33 ± 0.07mm

11 Operating temperature
(surface temperature)

 Charge : 0 to 50
(recommended recharge release < 45°C)
Discharge: -20 to 75
(recommended re-discharge release < 60°C)

12 Storage temperature
(Recovery 90% after storage)  

1.5 year -30~25°C(1*)
3 months -30~45°C(1*)
1 month -30~60°C(1*)

Internal resistance : 13 mΩ

 Note (1): If the cell is kept as ex-factory status (50±5% SOC, 25),
the capacity recovery rate is more than 90%of 10A discharge capacity
100% is 2450mAh at 25with SOC 100% after formation.  





Suitable for most elcetronic devices, especially power tools such as e-bike and drill, e-cigarettes.





  • Genuine Grade A lithium battery cells from Samsung
  • Light weight and high performance with 20A continuous discharge
  • Small internal resistance
  • High energy density, low self-discharge
  • Pollution free, long cycle life
  • No memory effect
  • Existing stock for short delivery time.
  • OEM orders are available (battery pack, battery with spot welding ect,)



Safety instructions


Handling precaution and prohibitions of lithium Ionrechargeable cells and batteries

Inaccurate handling of lithium ion and lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery may cause leakage, heat,
smoke, an explosion, or fire.


This could cause deterioration of performance orfailure. Please be sure to follow instructions carefully.


1.1 Storage
Store the battery at low temperature (below 25°Cis recommended), low humidity, no dust and no
corrosive gas atmosphere.


1.2 Safety precaution and prohibitions
To assure product safety, describe the following precautions in the instruction manual of the


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