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[Buy] Anonymous user:can not pay for order (2013-05-20 12:20:26)
I wish to purchase Changeable Heating Wire for UFO Atomizer 1 Pack of 100 Variable Voltage Mod E-Cig Vamos V2 With Vivi Nova Atomizer set - 5 sets 2012 New twist Ego V3 -1100mah battery 5 batteries Can pay with visa Pay Pal or AMEX. I Can not pay for these on your web site. Does not show the option for the credit cards and pay pal does not work.
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Hi Friend,

We will send an PI to you.please check it.


[Comment] NoodlesJoe:feeds of user commentedNewest Model E-Cigarette K100 with Telescopic Shape and Design (2013-05-16 23:46:09)5
Please send total cost for 1 K100 blue to the Uk Thank you
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Hello Joe,

K100 mod need MOQ: 10pc, hope you can understand.

Kind regards,

[Message] Anonymous user:amount question (2013-05-14 05:57:19)
Hello, $20 amount is enough to buy from you. Can you send imr batteries and li-ion via hong kong post? Thanks
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Hello friend,

Sorry,because HK post don't receive batteries so we cann't ship Li-ion batteries.



[Comment] jjlempac:feeds of user commentedmod K101 e cigarette with scalable body (2013-05-09 07:51:32)5
purple color
[Comment] herton:feeds of user commentedFashionable K100 e cigarette with huge vapor body only (2013-05-08 02:08:10)5
quantity 1x 2013 Tesla VW with stainless boby can adjust voltage and power kit/ body only quantity 2x Fashionable K100 e cigarette with huge vapor body only OK 2013 Tesla VW with stainless boby can adjust voltage and power kit/ body onl
[Message] shwray:paypal (2013-04-21 23:16:43)
I placed an order and when I clicked on your link to make a paypal payment this is the message I get. We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at
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Hello Shwaray,

We have checked your order and sent a PI to you.

Please check your email.


[Comment] mozbk:feeds of user commentedhotsale colorful 510 C Drip Tip (2013-04-11 13:21:13)5
G2 , F3
[Comment] allan:feeds of user commentedGS 2.0 telescope Variable voltage mod sets (2013-04-10 23:39:49)5
[Message] Anonymous user:paypal (2013-04-10 12:44:25)
paypal indicates there is a problem with your paypal adress, please correct issue with paypal so i can place order, thank you
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Hello friend,

We have sent a PI to you, please check your email.

Kind regards,

[Buy] Anonymous user:Need to pay for order placed (2013-04-02 08:03:20)
Hi, We placed an order for batteries, but it is saying that there is a problem with your email address when we try to pay thru paypal. The order number is 2013040233921. Thank you
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Hello Dave,

We have sent a PI with shipping cost to you email .

Thanks and best regards

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