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[Enquiry] Anonymous user:E-Liquid (2012-11-09 08:44:37)
Nowhere do I see mention of nicotine content in your e-liquid. Does this mean it does not contain nicotine?
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Hi Friend,

Yes, we have also contain nicotine E-liquid.
How many do you need?


[Message] Anonymous user:compatabilty (2012-11-09 01:34:07)
can i use a vivi nova atomizer with the m-1800 bat pack
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Dear friend,

Thanks for you leave a message.

vivi nova atomizer fit M-1800 mod.

Just let me know if you have any questions I will help you any time.


[Buy] Anonymous user:No shipping charges on checkout (2012-10-13 02:32:19)
I want to buy some products from you but your shopping cart is not giving shipping prices. Everything is zero. How can I get shipping price and buy from your website? Please reply asap.
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Dear friend,

Thanks for your leave a message.

Can you tell me what products do you need and how many? So I will make a PI ( with shipping cost ) to you check.

Just let me know if have any question I will be happy to help you.

Looking forward to your reply.



My email:
[Message] elguso:Paypal (2012-10-09 01:28:05)
Please tell me how to pay via paypal. When it page redirecciona to paypal web page, i hot aun error message saing that your email address is incorrect.
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Hello Elguso,
Thanks for you order.
You can add some battery box so we can shipping your order by China post.
Because Hong Kong post cann't shipping only batteries.Hope you can understand.
If everything is ok we will make a PI to you.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:email (2012-07-13 21:22:51)
the note I sent to you under the address at your "contact us" ( was undeliverable. How do I get in touch with you if there is a problem with my order?
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you can add my skype ( eileen_h1 ) or send me email ( )

[Enquiry] Anonymous user:option question (2012-07-13 21:19:37)
Item number 456 “CE4 V2 atomizer with long wick” How do I tell you I want purple ones? I see no place on the order to tell you what color. How much would shipping be to USA for 10 of these?
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We sent an email (about the total price) to you and please check it.

[Message] Anonymous user:Shipping costs (2012-07-13 19:27:57)
Hello Under your shipping costs you mention (option 6.) free shipping to New Zealand. Does this apply to any item or only some items? Thank You Ben
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Hello Ben,

Our items can't free shipping cost now.
Just let me know if you have need I will be happy to serve you.

[Message] Anonymous user:buy (2012-07-12 23:26:44)
hello I would like to know if shipped with dhl in Italy, and delivery times. thanks
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Hello friend,

Thanks for your enquire.
Lead time:2-3days
By DHL :it will cost 4-5 days to delivery
you can add my skype:(eileen_h1) or send me email( )

[Message] dragonmunia:shipping charge (2012-07-11 19:20:12)
Hi! How much is shipping to Korea?Can you tell the cheapest on the delivery mode?
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Can you tell me do u need items aout our products? so that we can calculate the best shipping cost for you !
My Skype ID : xmsales2 (just feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions from us.

Thanks and best regards

[Message] Anonymous user:ask about battery (2012-07-08 14:40:04)
Panasonic CGR18650CH price for 2 pcs or 1 pcs??? thanks
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Hello Demitze,
Panasonic CGR18650CH price is 2pcs batteries.
Just let me know if you have need or you can add my skype ( eileen_h1 ) and MSN ( )
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